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About our event

Borderless Growth Forum .

Ceylon tea exports in 2017 are expected to (for the first time) reach an FOB value of $1.6 billion. Prices at the Colombo auctions have been buoyant despite a multitude of challenges—fertilizers, weedicides, climate, labour, wages. Producers are clamouring for more leaf and striving to manufacture to their factories’ capacity in order to cash in on this windfall, which comes, as it happens, after two particular lean years. ‘Ceylons’ are among the most expensive black teas in the world. They have a reputation for quality that far surpasses the broad mass of their competitors. We proudly proclaim our seven unique selling points: handpicked, artisanal, passion, provenance, ecological, ethical, ozone-friendly. We enthusiastically assert the diversity of the almost 30 grades orthodox tea offers, and the variety our agro-climatic regions confer on our tea. But rarely do we stop to think ‘What do our consumers really want?’ or, arguably more importantly, ‘What will our consumers want next?’

We have lined up a preeminent group of presenters to share their personal experiences in bringing their industries to the forefront of quality-assurance practices and communicating this to their consumers and customers. While the forum is designed primarily for decision makers within the different stakeholder groups associated in the Tea industry the potential value of the event is seen to be wider and hence we have opened it to a wider audience from within the sector. The event at the BMICH will host 400 and an additional 200 can join via a live web cast. Participation in either platform is by invitation only. If you wish to enroll for the event at the BMICH please contact the Promotions Division of the Tea Board or your stakeholder association within the Trade. To get invited for the live webcast please register through this webpage.

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Participation for the event at BMICH will be by invitation only. We encourage you to join us through the live webcast, limited to 200 participants. Please take a few minutes to provide us with some details to process your registration. Some of the questions below relate to data used in calculating the carbon foot print of the event.

    Rohan Pethiyagoda - Chairman, Sri Lanka Tea Board

    About the program

    Even as we celebrate 150 years of Ceylon Tea, there is a new urgency to devise the innovations and interventions that must be made if the industry’s diverse stakeholders are to continue to prosper.
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    Our Sponsor

    Unilever Sri Lanka is proud to sponsor the ‘Borderless Growth Forum on Quality Assurance for competitiveness’.

    Carl Cruz - Chairman of Unilever Sri Lanka

    Quality Assurance for Competitiveness

    Our Agenda .

    A line up of eminent speakers from the manufacturing and service industries will share some of their best industry practices relating to quality assurance, to reach new levels of competitiveness.

    Welcome Address
    Rohan Pethiyagoda
    Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board
    Sri Lanka Tea Board


    Georges Le Nigen
    Georges Le Nigen
    SGS Management Services
    Global Sales Manager


    Quality Towards Sustainability
    Shyama Rajapaksha
    Ceylon Biscuits Limited
    Quality Assurance Manager


    Driving Cost Competitiveness
    Noman Lutfi
    Unilever Sri Lanka
    Supply Chain Director

    Creating Winning Farmer Extension Services
    Rasika Abeysekera
    Ceylon Tobacco Company
    Area Manager


    Tea break


    Supply Chain Assurance: Grass to Glass
    Suneth Kotuthenne & Saman Perera
    Fonterra Brands Lanka
    Associate Director Manufacturing & Head of Local Dairy Development


    Trends Transforming Global Tourism and Logistics Sectors
    Azam Bakeer Markar
    Aitken Spence PLC
    General Manager – Group Business Development and Head of Sustainability

    Leveraging Cross Industry Best Practice for Global Competitiveness
    Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne
    Teejay LankaPLC
    CEO/ Managing Director


    Panel Discussion
    Rohan Pethiyagoda (Lead)
    Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board


    Wrap up
    Anslem Perera
    Colombo Tea Traders Association
    Chairman Colombo Tea Traders Association

    Our Speakers .

    Presenting our pre-eminent forum speakers - click on to read their key topic and profile

    Ceylon Biscuits Limited

    Ceylon Tobacco Company

    Unilever Sri Lanka

    Aitken Spence PLC

    Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka

    SGS Management Services

    Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka

    Join us for our live Webcast .

    You don’t need to travel down to Colombo or get out of work to attend the session. The webcast will allow you easy access to enjoy the sessions, and even send in your questions and comments.